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Thomas Carter Delivers New Financial Gold-Standard For The Blockchain Internet in

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Even with the increasing fragmentation of the internet, Carter and Digital Names will be able to immensely simplify financial banking Financial Markets thought-leader Thomas Carter perhaps just earned the biggest

Thomas Carter Delivers The New Digital Economy

  10.04.2020   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

Although most Americans probably are not aware of the imminently approaching decentralized internet, it’s implications are transformative. Simply put, individuals will have the power of websites and digital platforms without

Amidst COVID-19, Futurist Thomas Carter Helps Americans Better Protect Themselves Financially

The American Reporter team recently sat down with leading financial markets pioneer and innovator Thomas Carter. With millions of Americans currently jeopardized financially by the  COVID-19 shutdown, we asked Thomas how

Introducing the Next Wave of Financial Technology Evolution: Thomas Carter’s Digital Names

Today, at the height of the evolution of financial technology, people are using credit cards and legal tender less and less. With an array of options like Venmo, PayPal, Zelle,

2 Keys that will Unlock Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in 2020

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Step 2 Wash buy careprost usa thoroughly, removing all makeup, low prices and fast delivery. Even though it is recommended to apply the drops just before going to sleep, in

2 Keys That Will Unlock Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency/Blockchain in 2020

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Blockchain technology saw exponential growth in 2019, unprecedented adoption and interest by governments and institutions around the world validating it’s utility. With core infrastructure being built out across the planet, enterprise

California’s 10 Entrepreneurs To Watch

  27.03.2020   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

The California Herald takes a look at ten of the emerging new business leaders across technology, arts, marketing, finance, fashion, health, and direct-to- consumer goods. To qualify, these entrepreneurs all

Thomas Carter & DigitalNames Enable Financial Markets To Take A Huge Leap Forward

  26.03.2020   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

The next phase of evolution for financial technology is about to hit. All signs point towards it, and the emergence of the COVID-19 shutdown has already accelerated the pace. We’re

Thomas Carter Delivers The First Financial Solutions For The Decentralized Internet

  21.03.2020   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

With markets about to hit record fragmentation, Fintech Mogul Thomas Carter’s product Digital Names will be able to help consumers keep banking simple, easy, and safe. Finance whiz Thomas Carter

Fintech Mogul Thomas Carter Predicts Trillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Market Cap in 2020

  24.02.2020   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

Recently  Bitcoin led cryptocurrency markets to a market capitalization of  roughly $300 billion for the first time since August 2019. After two years of a crypto bear market, 2020 has