Investment Packaging – What It Is and Why It Matters
Thomas Carter | 24 April

Raising capital to fund your business plan is arguably one of the most difficult and trying experiences you will ever

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How Technology is Reshaping Financial Services
Thomas Carter | 13 April

Technology is radically reshaping the financial services industry before our eyes. This paradigm shift is affecting everything from the way

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of Preparation
Thomas Carter | 12 April

We have seen the statistics. Start-ups in the United States have declined from 12-13 percent of all firms to 7-8%.

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Looking Back, and Looking Forward to 2016
Thomas Carter | 2 April

Since September 23, 2013, the inauguration date of the ability for companies to raise money through general solicitation under Regulation

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5 Best Practices to Maximizing General Solicitation Campaigns
Thomas Carter | 24 March

Despite Multiple Frameworks, These Are Steps Companies Should Always Take Regulation Crowdfunding – The Latest Iteration Since May 17, the

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PR, Social and Branding for your Capital Raise
Thomas Carter | 12 March

Social Media and PR Strategies Social media opens up a two-way conversation between you and a wider audience. Speaking of

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Understanding the 4 different types of Crowdfunding
Thomas Carter | 24 February

Crowdfunding is changing the way entrepreneurs get the capital they need to put their business ideas into action. What is

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