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California’s 10 Entrepreneurs To Watch

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The California Herald takes a look at ten of the emerging new business leaders across technology, arts, marketing, finance, fashion, health, and direct-to- consumer goods.

To qualify, these entrepreneurs all have needed to introduce game-changing new solutions that would disrupt their industries or upend the traditional way of doing things.

Let’s see how each of these pioneers is re-ordering today’s world.

1. Thomas Herd

The Forbes Magazine columnist for digital marketing has demystified the wild-wild west complexity of digital marketing. In its place, Thomas has been able to provide over 1000 brand clients- from LVMH to L’Oreal Ritz Carlton- at his agency T1  roadmaps for scientific digital growth. To back that up, T1 has become the only agency in the marketing industry that agrees to refund its clients pro-rata for any shortcoming in deliverable results.

2. Erin Drummond

The director of marketing has Ignite has fueled the expansion of the Cannabis giant into a litany of new product verticals, including CBD, Water, Vodka, and apparel and has helped the 1 year old company raise close to $100M in a series of subsequent funding rounds.

3. Thomas Carter

The futurist, digital securities pioneer has developed the new governing system for the imminent switch to a decentralized blockchain internet. This new governing system- DigitalNames– will enable people to centralize all of their bank accounts and transactions (everything from wires to paypals to venmos) under their very own digital wallet address, simplifying life on the new internet for millions and allowing for greater transaction security.

4. Jeff Beacher

The former Hollywood and Las Vegas entertainment mogul has been a dynamic genre-bender his entire career. Over the past few years, he’s built one of the first and most powerful deal flow bridges from Silicon Valley to Hollywood in The Beacher Media Group and he’s now innovating his very own celebrity health system which enabled him to lose over 220 pounds.

5. Jeb Carty

The real-estate entrepreneur, together with partner Joel Glenny, has pioneered a groundbreaking real-estate technology platform Zumbly which is changing the way millennials and Gen invest in real-estate. Zumbly– which enables consumers to find the best fitted homes for their lifestyles and financial objectives- takes new considerations relevant to the modern world- such as Airbnb income and subletting- into account and illuminates the lifestyle and travel freedom that can come with any new home buy.

6. Louis Carreon

The contemporary artist overcame substance addiction and incarceration to become a prominent beacon of hope for youth culture. His academically grounded contemporary art re-introduces classic and religious iconography to pop culture in innovative and relevant styles. As Carreon elaborates: “I’m painting for the youth, for the future.“Urban kids don’t know who Caravaggio is. You don’t know who Bernini is. Kids never learn about that. As time goes on, unless you go to museums, these artists will become irrelevant. I’m reintroducing and reeducating the younger generation with the classics by adding tools of the modern age.”

7. Ben Lee

The millennial tech mogul who initially pioneered the development of market-ready and viable mobile apps for Fortune 500, has now become one of today’s most prominent digital business influencers. He holds one of the largest business community audiences on Linked In, motivates and coaches hundreds of thousands on Instagram, and was named a Forbes Top 15 influencer to watch for.

8. Dimetri Hogan

The Creative Entrepreneur has been one of the first visionaries in marketing to bridge the experiential world to the digital. Now CCO of the dynamo agency T1, Dimetri helps brands adjust to the digital shift by parlaying their creative excellence into effective content and growth strategies on the new platforms where their audience lives such as Tik Tok and Instagram.

9. Tony Romano

The Private Equity investor has recently launched a groundbreaking new firm in Los Angeles- LDA Capital– which is already rapidly emerging as one of the most reliable and trusted funding resources for middle market companies. Right now during the COVID-19 shutdown, LDA Capital stands out as one of the few capital institutions willing to stick with the middle market, making the fund a potential lifeline beleaguered public entities today.

10. Alesh Ancira

The digital media entrepreneur has racked up an unprecedented list of A-List Music Clients- from Akon to Pitbull- as well as Fortune 500 clients from Cadillac to the Hard Rock Hotels. Although based between LA and Mexico, Alesh has developed an international business infrastructure that enables his clients to access the best creative specialists- including photographers, copywriters, marketers, publicists, and distribution platforms no matter where they are in the world.

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California’s 10 Entrepreneurs To Watch

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