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Introducing the Next Wave of Financial Technology Evolution: Thomas Carter’s Digital Names

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Today, at the height of the evolution of financial technology, people are using credit cards and legal tender less and less. With an array of options like Venmo, PayPal, Zelle,

2 Keys That Will Unlock Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency/Blockchain in 2020

  28.03.2020   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

Blockchain technology saw exponential growth in 2019, unprecedented adoption and interest by governments and institutions around the world validating it’s utility. With core infrastructure being built out across the planet, enterprise

Thomas Carter & DigitalNames Enable Financial Markets To Take A Huge Leap Forward

  26.03.2020     Business   No comments

The next phase of evolution for financial technology is about to hit. All signs point towards it, and the emergence of the COVID-19 shutdown has already accelerated the pace. We’re

The Future of Crowdfunding & Digital Securities

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Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 32: The Future of Crowdfunding & Digital Securities Written by Rocket Dollar | March 18 2020 Podcast Transcript Thomas Young: Hi, everyone. Thanks for being

Vertalo to Tokenize 22 DealBox Securities Worth $200M on Tezos Blockchain

  19.03.2020     Business   No comments

More than 20 companies expect to tokenize securities on the Tezos blockchain, representing some $200 million in deals, through a new partnership with fintech merchant bank DealBox and software provider

Fintech Mogul Thomas Carter Predicts Trillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Market Cap in 2020

  24.02.2020   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

Recently  Bitcoin led cryptocurrency markets to a market capitalization of  roughly $300 billion for the first time since August 2019. After two years of a crypto bear market, 2020 has

How Blockchain can Address Wealth Inequality

Bitcoin is more than electronic money. It’s more than technology. It’s digital egalitarianism. Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is/was/, the creator of Bitcoin made it clear that releasing Bitcoin into the wild

2020 – Plus Ultra

  19.12.2019   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

*Plus Ultra is Latin for “Further Beyond”   What began as a paradigm shift in the world of fintech taking place over the past decade has reached global critical mass

DealBox Asia Kicks Off $100M Blockchain Fund

  26.11.2019   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

Security token maven and CEO of DealBox Thomas Carter was recently invited to China by Chengdu Global Partners where he met with top business leaders from China, Malaysia, Singapore and

George Gilder and Thomas Carter — Leading the Charge in the 4th Industrial Revolution

George Gilder and Thomas Carter — Leading the Charge in the 4th Industrial Revolution An entirely new asset class has recently emerged. Known as smart securities, digital securities or security