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DealBox Asia Kicks Off $100M Blockchain Fund

By November 26, 2019February 20th, 2021No Comments

Security token maven and CEO of DealBox Thomas Carter was recently invited to China by Chengdu Global Partners where he met with top business leaders from China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan to formalize a plan to establish a DealBox base of operations for the Asia region.

The ambitious project includes establishing a $100M blockchain/fintech fund designed to spearhead initiatives for cross-border payments and various other blockchain applications.

In a reversal from a previous critical stance on cryptocurrency blockchain technology received a crucial endorsement from President Xi Jinping earlier this month, a signal that the government sees blockchain as an integral part of the country’s plan to become a high-tech superpower.

The DealBox Asian initiative is perfectly positioned to capture the new cryptocurrency headwinds coming from China.


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