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Thomas is a FinTech leader, digital securities pioneer, and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in venture capital advisory and funding. He is a founder and innovator in the action sports, marketing, financial services, multimedia/internet, and blockchain industries. Over 400 companies have benefited from Thomas’s keen understanding of capital markets and early-stage venture funding strategy.

Thomas Carter is a financial technology, blockchain, and digital securities pioneer with 30 years of capital markets experience. In 2016, he founded Deal Box, a capital markets consulting firm that leverages automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies to help entrepreneurs and investors.

Today, Carter is the Interim CEO of True I/O, an ecosystem of blockchain-enabled solutions that includes a cross-network security solution called the Universal Communications Identifier (UCID™) and Digital Names, an alias solution for public keys. Carter is also the Chairman of Deal Box, leading investments and strategy.

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Thomas Carter, Founder and CEO of Deal Box is at the forefront of revolutionizing investing and capital formation by developing the world’s first vertically integrated platform for digital securities issuance and investment.


Thomas has 25 years of experience in raising capital for start-ups and early-stage companies. He has founded several entities and taken multiple companies public.

As a capital formation expert, Thomas specializes in advising firms on their structure to attract investors. He has developed a unique, efficient workflow process that has helped 250+ companies enhance their performance and raise millions of dollars in capital.


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Introducing the Nodeify Ecosystem 

A visionary holding company powering the token economy, Nodeify is a group of companies empowering people to take control of their identity and data and paving the way for a new era of transparency, security, and user-centricity.


Nodeify has created a unique ecosystem of advanced technologies that give individuals complete online control over their data and identity. By leveraging blockchain’s inherent security and transparency features, Nodeify is revolutionizing how data is managed and secured in our digital world.


True I/O is a tokenization company transforming trust between individuals and institutions. Through the Universal Communication Identifier (UCID), True I/O has generated millions of globally unique digital tokens across Financial Services and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Deal Box is a capital markets consulting firm transforming the world of venture investing. With a deep focus on capital markets strategy, Deal Box leverages traditional and digital securities to enhance capital formation for early-stage ventures and growth-stage companies, helping them secure the resources they need to thrive and grow.

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Thomas is a seasoned executive with a track record of identifying lucrative market gaps and assembling innovative teams. Here’s a glimpse into his portfolio of projects.