Thomas Carter Inducted into Wakesports Hall of Fame

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It was 33 years ago when I started my entrepreneurial journey into action sports with Thruster. I’m stoked to finally be recognized as a innovator for the sport of wakeboarding, wake skating and wake surfing in the Wake Sports Hall of Fame.

At Thruster Thruster Wake I created the first board design, that allowed riders to sink it into the water. This made it much easer to get up. The definition is called “neutrally buoyant” also the first to have a Thruster “3 fin” retractable fin system, along with heal straps to keep your feet in. The first shapes incorporated a surf and skate influence. Worked with legendary Santa Cruz, California surfboard shaper and designer Doug Haut who shaped the first boards. The first shapes were wing squash tail and pintail design. The boards where compressed wood veneer laminates with a foam core. The boards rode amazing! They incorporated progressive shape and rail design, channels, flex for carving and pop. This was the beginning of many “first” in my entrepreneurial journey into action sports and beyond.

The Webster definition of innovator is: noun, a person or group that introduces something new or does something for the first time: He is a true pioneer and innovator who always pushes the boundaries and follows his visions. I can say this with conviction. I’ve been and always will, continue to innovate. Thank you everyone who helped me along the way. You know who you are. You all played important roll in helping me with my vision. I couldn’t have done it with out you! ???✝️

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