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Capital Markets Guru Thomas Carter says, The Digital Remake of Capital Markets is Underway

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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2019 / 

Whether you call them smart securities, digital securities or security tokens the post-ICO, compliant
approach to blockchain-based venture fundraising is poised to unlock trillions
of dollars of capital market value.

Recently, many of the nation's leading firms like Bank of America (BAC), JP
Morgan (JPM) and others have dived neck deep into the ICO capital markets.

"Cryptocurrencies are all the rage at the moment and are as much about
blockchain as anything else but there could be an increasing desire for
alternative medians of exchange in the years to come if we are correct." Jim
Reid, economist at Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB)

For traditional companies, there are a few ways of going about raising funds
necessary for development and expansion. A company can start small and grow as
its profits allow, remaining beholden only to company owners but having to
wait for funds to build up. Alternately, companies can look to outside
investors for early support, providing them a quick influx of cash but
typically coming with the trade-off of giving away a portion of ownership
stake. Another method sees companies go public, earning funds from individual
investors by selling shares through an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

At the forefront of the smart securities, revolution is Thomas Carter, a
30-year fintech innovator and CEO of DealBox, an innovative digital securities
issuance and investment platform.

DealBox has gained attention lately with the creation of a feature-rich, and
robust platform using a proprietary token technology built on the Stellar
Lumens (XLM) blockchain protocol that meets all the SEC/Finra requirements.

DealBox gives issuers and investors a savvy approach to being first-in-line to
the smart securities opportunity.

Thomas on the Recent Evolution of Capital Markets:

"The 2012 JOBS act enabled retail investors to begin participating in the
growth of early-stage companies in a compliant way via crowdfunding and
peer-to-peer lending.

2017 was the year of the ICO or Initial Coin Offering in which thousands of
companies issued blockchain-based, "utility" tokens to raise capital.

At the end of 2018 what was apparent was that raising capital with digital
tokens was efficient and viable. What also became apparent was that regulatory
oversight was badly needed.

What we are seeing now is that the regulatory framework is evolved and the
infrastructure is evolved. For those who understand the new smart securities
paradigm, it's game on.

Going forward, in order for broader adoption to occur, educating the market on
the advantages of smart securities is where the focus will need to be."

Advantages of Smart Securities

A smart security is a blockchain-based digital ownership claim in an
underlying asset such as real estate, private placements, equities, debt, and
other instruments of intrinsic value.

The untapped value of the global private equity market for smart securities
alone is estimated to be worth $70 trillion.

Smart securities are superior to traditional instruments in that they offer
programmable functionality which eliminates back-office friction and costs.

There are several advantages to leveraging the new digital security token
asset class:

  * Faster, better, cheaper - Since digital securities are programmable
    "smart" instruments they eliminate layers of time-consuming paperwork,
    middlemen and red-tape.
  * Augmented Liquidity - Digital securities live in a 24/7/365 global market
  * Flexibility - Again, the programmable nature of digital securities open up
    issuance strategies previously unavailable via traditional instruments.
  * Immutable & Transparent - The secret sauce that blockchain brings to the
    table is the power of an easily audited, distributed ledger that maintains
    immutable integrity without human intervention.
  * Regulatory Compliance - Issued via Reg D, Reg A+, etc., digital securities
    are fully compliant with SEC/Finra requirements.

The rub is that raising capital has never been easy and although all the
pieces to the security token offering puzzle are now available they are not
easily found all together in one solution.

Thomas on DealBox:

DealBox is the culmination of 25 years of venture capital funding experience.
DealBox has been setting the standard for how data is presented and shared in
private equity investment workflow.

We've created a unified strategy to security token offerings which includes
everything an issuer will need to take advantage of the benefits offered by
security tokens.

Our novel approach to investor-centric workflow optimization has been
integrated into compliance and technology for the issuance of and investment
in smart securities.

DealBox Launch

DealBox may be a new name to the security token ecosystem but the platform is
far from being a beta product.

Just last month DealBox hosted the Innovation FinanceForum in Newport Beach,
CA which presented the first-ever multiple issuer security token offering
pitch event.

10 innovative founders kicked-off security token offerings to a curated
gathering of who's-who in fintech, blockchain and investing.

Like any capital raising process the launch of even a single security token
offering is a complicated affair with many moving parts. The proven workflow
methodology and software efficiency of the DealBox platform streamlines this
process and gives issuers and investors a powerful suite of tools to take
advantage of the benefits of digital securities.

Share in DealBox's Success

Those looking to raise venture capital with security tokens are well met with
DealBox's unified solution.

As an investment opportunity DealBox also offers a unique and innovative

Investors are welcome to participate in any one security token offer hosted on
the platform however by owning the DLBX token, which is itself a security
token, holders gain access to a full 25% royalty revenue distribution on gross
profits realized on the DealBox platform.

For details on the DLBX security token offering please visit

Consideri ng a capital raise using security tokens? Learn More

Smart securities are the next evolution of capital markets. DealBox empowers
issuers and investors with an intelligent platform to participate in that


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