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How Blockchain can Address Wealth Inequality

Bitcoin is more than electronic money. It’s more than technology. It’s digital egalitarianism. Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is/was/, the creator of Bitcoin made it clear that releasing Bitcoin into the wild

2 Keys That Will Unlock Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency/Blockchain in 2020

Blockchain technology saw exponential growth in 2019, unprecedented adoption and interest by governments and institutions around the world validating it’s utility. With core infrastructure being built out across the planet, enterprise

2020 – Plus Ultra

  19.12.2019   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

*Plus Ultra is Latin for “Further Beyond”   What began as a paradigm shift in the world of fintech taking place over the past decade has reached global critical mass

DealBox Asia Kicks Off $100M Blockchain Fund

  26.11.2019   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

Security token maven and CEO of DealBox Thomas Carter was recently invited to China by Chengdu Global Partners where he met with top business leaders from China, Malaysia, Singapore and

George Gilder and Thomas Carter — Leading the Charge in the 4th Industrial Revolution

George Gilder and Thomas Carter — Leading the Charge in the 4th Industrial Revolution An entirely new asset class has recently emerged. Known as smart securities, digital securities or security

It’s Happening — How to Prepare for the Imminent Overthrow of Capital Markets Status Quo

  10.10.2019   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

If 2017 was the year of the ICO then 2020 will be the year of the STO (Security Token Offering) and the tipping point for widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

How Digital Names Could Do To Security Tokens What DNS Did To The Internet

  10.10.2019   Thomas Carter   Business   No comments

In a recent interview, Thomas Carter discussed how Digital Names can drastically improve the usability of digital asset transactions. He says the developing startup will do to digital assets what DNS

Thomas Carter Talks About The Next GoDaddy of the Blockchain Crypto Space

As financial technology and digital assets evolve there’s always going to be things that work and things that don’t. If the distributed ledger technology would fulfill its potential and reach

Thomas Carter Featured in Mens Business Quarterly Magazine

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Are Digital Names for Blockchain the Next Internet Gold Rush?

Data security, privacy & individual sovereignty on the current version of the internet is broken.  Identities and private information are being hacked and stolen at an alarmingly exponential rate. Bank