Dallas, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – August 26, 2022) – Forward Edge AI has announced the development of a new version of its Gabriel app that integrates blockchain-enabled technology to enhance collective cybersecurity.


Gabriel is an app that has the capability to detect, block and report SMiShing attacks in 25 languages. Gabriel essentially crowdsources collective cybersecurity by using machine learning and artificial intelligence. When users who download Gabriel get a spam call, it can be immediately recognized and blocked. Gabriel works by leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to recognize and create voice tags linked to spam calls. Hence, if the same caller calls from a different number, and spam callers have many numbers, these calls are also automatically blocked. Despite the thousands of numbers that a spam caller may have, they will not be able to get through once the dangerous actor has been blocked by Gabriel, due to the effectiveness of the voice print signature feature.


The new version of Gabriel that Forward Edge AI is launching incorporates Universal Communication Identifier (UCID) service. UCID essentially involves connecting a user’s unique identification number (e.g. MEID) to any number of smart devices through blockchain technology. This further enhances network and product security. The key benefit is that instead of details of spam numbers being stored in a single depository that would be specific to a single network provider, the relevant data would be decentralised and recorded on the UCID blockchain in the form of a NFT. This means that it would be less vulnerable to data breaches. This would also offer the benefits of greater portability across devices, and networks. With UCID, it is now possible for users to seamlessly transfer security information to other smart devices they own and to other people in their network. This is possible even when they change from one network to another as their security information is no longer restricted to a single device or service-provider.


Commenting on the benefits that UCID lends to the new version of the app, Kevin .L. Jackson, SVP of Total Network Services (TNS) said, “Smartphones first made their appearance just 40 years ago, but the rate at which they have evolved has been nothing short of amazing. Cybersecurity has become increasingly important as we use our smartphones for online shopping, banking, browsing the net, gaming, texting and many other activities that involve sharing our personal and financial details. The new version of Gabriel takes collective cybersecurity to the next level.”


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