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Interview With Thomas Carter, CEO of TNS, and Founder and Executive Chairman of Deal Box

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TNS is one of the names to look out for in the blockchain market today and Thomas Carter is the brain behind the company. A blockchain influencer and seasoned investor, Thomas is also the Founder and Executive Chairman of Deal Box. In this exclusive interview with TechBullion, he will be telling us more about his projects and the opportunities they provide.

Please tell us more about yourself?

My name is Thomas Carter. I’m a California native who grew up skateboarding and surfing in Santa Cruz in the 70s and I still remain an enthusiast of action sports. I spent the first part of my career being an electrical contractor as an entrepreneur. I then got involved in pioneering the sport of wakeboarding by starting my own company in the late 80s which led to it being acquired as one of the first action sports companies that went public.

In building the actions sports company I found gaps in servicing the graphic, design and media that was needed for our business so I launched a separate digital multi-media company to support the actions sports consumer products company. We innovated new interactive CD-ROM technologies and related multi-media products and services which later was taken public.

Having the experience of innovating new products, raising capital and taking these companies public, allowed me to witness the dark side of venture capital and investment banking.

In 2006 I started a capital markets advisory company and since its inception, I have continued to optimize the process by connecting workflows and financial technologies.  Since that time I have touched over 500 companies with business consulting and capital markets advisory.

Fast forward to 2016, after learning about how blockchain could further bring efficiency, transparency and trust to this process I decided to found Deal Box, one of the first blockchain-based digital securities and investment packaging companies in the world.

It’s always been my passion to help entrepreneurs be better prepared for capital markets and to help investors with better data and info to make more informed decisions. Everything you need to a deal, in a box.

What is Total Network Services Corp. (TNS), could you give us an overview of the company?

Total Network Services has a commitment to innovating solutions that fully realize the potential of blockchain in spaces such as telecommunications, digital entertainment, digital payments, and more. The solutions we’re most excited about currently are our E-MEID innovation and Digital Names because of their traction and potential.

We have created the world’s first blockchain telecommunication supply chain security solution called the E-MEID (Enhance Mobile Equipment Identifier), which will revolutionize the way that all internet connected devices are identified and verified. We are working with the Telecommunications Industry Association to develop that solution and are already testing it with a number of their members.

We are also facilitating the wide-spread adoption of easy peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payments through our product, Digital Names. A “Digital Name” acts as your identity and address where people can send payments to instead of the cumbersome Public Crypto Key that is required to send people crypto.

Total Network Services also has its own decentralized, high-performance, global data network, which was developed specifically to help other blockchain services deploy their forward- thinking services and solutions.

We also have some incredible things in the works surrounding the NFT space that will be turning heads very soon. We’re looking to take a “sustainable sensationalism” approach, as there is so much noise surrounding the new technology. We’ll be announcing news of our high-profile partnerships in this space in the coming months.

TNS partners with X Games gold medalist, Elliott Sloan to host The Mega Park Experience crypto event. What was the main goal of this event and what inspired you?

The goal of this first-ever, crypto-themed skateboarding event was to promote the user-friendly, widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets – a strategic effort to make blockchain an industry centerpiece.

The inspiration for this type of event came after spending decades in both action sports and Fintech. Many of these professional skaters are forward-thinking individuals, so it made perfect sense to use this as an opportunity to connect with them and the attendees about the future of blockchain while doing what they love most.

The attendees loved watching, and the skaters all seemed to love getting paid in crypto.

Tell us more about  X Games gold medalist, Elliot Sloan, what makes him special and what was his role in this event?

Elliot Sloan is an incredible and innovative skater and just a great guy. He is also an advocate for blockchain and crypto technology and one of our Digital Names ambassadors. The event was hosted at his house where he built his own megapark and often invites other skaters over to practice. He has built such a community because of his success and involvement in the industry, specifically in the mega ramp circle, so to partner with him was perfect. He also dominated the competition!

Could you tell us about the TNS digital names project, what are the benefits of using digital names and how does it work?

In the same way the Domain Name System solved the problem of IP addresses, Digital Names now solves the problem of Public Crypto Keys. This technology provides users the ability to create a human readable name, such as “$Yourname”, where their cryptocurrency payments can be aimed at instead of a lengthy public address. New companies and individuals entering the emerging blockchain financial system for the first time can now easily send and receive money from eWallets.

How well has the blockchain market accepted the digital names, would you like to share some of your success stories with us?

There have been hundreds of thousands of names sold to-date and we are currently in talks with

some of the biggest wallets in the world about implementation. It’s not a question of if, but when Digital Names will be adopted en masse due to the current complexity of sending payments via lengthy public crypto keys. Our slogan “Make Crypto Easy” is at the essence of everything we do. You can ask anyone who has attempted to send crypto, they’ll tell you how simultaneously annoying and scary it is to handle. One wrong character and your money goes to the wrong place. As soon as you explain the idea of Digital Names to anyone, they immediately get it.

In addition to TNS, you also founded Deal Box. Can you tell us more about this company and the solutions it provides? How does Deal Box utilize blockchain?

The driving force behind Deal Box was to facilitate frictionless, intelligent venture investing for the digital age. The idea was simple: everything you need to invest in private placements, in a box. Through industry-leading blockchain tech, Deal Box digitizes highly-vetted securities in private companies to redefine the ownership experience for retail and professional investors. Through various partnerships and ecosystem initiatives, we’ve participated in the creation of SEC-compliant security tokens using Tezos and Ethereum-compatible smart contracts with programmable regulatory and trading restrictions. Today, all Deal Box issuer clients have the option to transform their securities from electronic analog shares to Digital Asset Securities.

Through an institutional level approach to capital formation and best-in-class technology, Deal Box has packaged hundreds of early-to-mid stage companies, generating millions in both direct and syndicated investments over the last four years. Founded in 2016, our mission is to democratize venture capital.

Do you have more information for our readers today?

Yes, I’m very excited about what we’re doing to show the world what Blockchain can do to replace legacy security solutions. Data security, privacy and individual sovereignty on the current version of the internet are broken. TNS and Digital Names both strive to open the flood gates in order for blockchain technology to thrive. We recently filed a patent for a highly secure interoperable way to connect to both mobile devices and the IOT (internet of things)  using our proprietary technology stack. We are looking to the ICT (Information Communication Technology) industry and partnering with key players like the Telecommunications Industry Association.These partnerships will allow us to develop innovative  technologies that secure the global supply chain via blockchain while creating an easy pathway to FCC compliance for telecom companies.

Your readers can learn more about TNSDigital Names, and Deal Box and stay up-to-date on news and announcements by visiting our websites and following each company on social media.

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