Together with the Greatest Skateboarders in the World, Hosoi Offers 316 NFT Tickets to a LIVE Skate Event in Skateboarder Elliot Sloan’s Backyard on September 24, 2022; NFT Holders to Receive Signed Skateboard Designed by Hosoi and Artist Father

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VISTA, Calif.Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Together with Christian Hosoi and 10 of the world’s best skateboarders, Total Network Services’ (TNS) NFT marketplace is proud to celebrate Hosoi’s Rocket Air where today 316 NFTs launched and will be available to purchase and will also serve as a live event ticket to watch a dozen iconic skaters perform at Elliot Sloan’s backyard on Saturday, September 24. NFT holders will leave with an autographed skateboard designed by Hosoi’s artist father “Pops”.

In order to enter the event and claim your signed, limited edition Hosoi Hammerhead board designed by “Pops” Hosoi, you must verify your Eventbrite ticket purchase here and claim your Rocket Air 316 NFT!


“To me, skateboarding is the coolest culture on the planet where it incorporates music, fashion, and art,” Hosoi said about getting to work with his dad on this project. “The Rocket Air is a maneuver I invented back in 1986 at the Kahuna ramp where it became my signature move, and here I am today being able to tell the story. I’m excited about Pops telling his side of the story and us being able to do projects like this. It will be a special VIP event celebrating skateboarding, celebrating history.”

Hosoi Newly-Launched Rocket Air NFT

TNS Founder and CEO Thomas Carter on this unique event: “Every founder in the world has been guilty of one thing: shamelessly and wholeheartedly pursuing their passion. For me, this didn’t start with building my first business; it started with skateboarding. This event is an example of bringing one of our missions to life – destigmatize and legitimize NFTs as viable vehicles for transferring real-world value through promoting projects with tangible applications and high utility. It is an honor to work with Christian and Pops on this experience celebrating a moment in history.”

Skaters participating in the event include:

Alex Perelson             

Leo Ruiz

Bucky Lasek               

Mitchie Brusco

Christian Hosoi           

Neto Tammenhain

Clay Kreiner               

Paul Luc Ronchetti

Elliot Sloan                 

Shea Donovan

Justin Rivera

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Through TNS, Carter has worked overtime to make blockchain and digital assets more accessible in spaces that hadn’t fully realized their potential. “Our mission at TNS is to seamlessly transition the digital world’s network and financial and security infrastructure into the blockchain economy,” he reveals. “The blockchain services industry is constantly evolving, and thankfully, companies like ours are starting to get to the core of what blockchain has to offer our connected world.”

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