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SUCCESS: Thomas Carter on Unlocking the Power of The Blockchain

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By now, many consumers are aware of blockchain-enabled products and services, such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. Although the market for these products ebbs and flows and critics begin to question the application of these alternative currencies and digital tokens, the efficacy of the underlying technology, the blockchain, is above reproach. Regardless of how the market takes to cryptocurrency or various NFT projects, the blockchain technology that powers these popular innovations is far more potent than the general public may realize.


From innovative financial technology to creative authentication services, blockchain has already disrupted many industries for the better. With first-to-market products and celebrity-driven projects distracting the public from the wider potential of blockchain, it should come as no surprise that critics of this technology relish the temporary market downturns.


There are, however, a handful of investors and entrepreneurs who are attuned to the greater potential of blockchain and are using their visionary foresight to drive this potential into reality. Thomas Carter, founder of Deal Box as well as the current interim CEO of Total Network Services Corp, is one of these leaders.


As the founder of Deal Box, Carter created one of the first vertically integrated digital securities issuance and investment platforms, helping spearhead the future of investment as well as lower the cost of raising capital through a data-driven approach. Leveraging blockchain’s transparent and decentralized ledger technology, this financial infrastructure is far superior to the issuance of standard securities. The Deal Box team would prove to be prescient as there is a push to move away from paper records of shares and towards digital records thereof, in which Deal Box is an industry leader.


As the current interim CEO of Total Network Services Corp, Carter is creating the next-generation of global blockchain infrastructure for the world’s online community and economy. Utilizing the power of blockchain to go beyond its more publicized applications, Carter is providing creative solutions for other topical problems. Carter and the Total Network Services Corp team are helping simplify secure transactions made on the blockchain. With a mind toward democratizing access, Total Network Services Corp offers a domain naming service that converts one’s blockchain address—a complex 26- to 70-plus character, hexadecimal alphanumeric key—to a less daunting and easier to remember ID. This makes it much easier to transact with others on the blockchain.


Further, TNS is securing physical devices, such as smartphones, in new and innovative ways. By taking the ID and tokenizing it, Carter and the team can authenticate the physical hardware and software of a given device. By leveraging UCID (universal communication identifier) technology, Carter and the team are improving upon the current international mobile identification standard, MEID (mobile equipment identifier). Carter and the TNS team are putting this ID on the blockchain to track and secure all device operations from the hardware to the software bill of material. Mobile device managers can now verifiably track all the equipment under their watch with all changes being immediately reported and recorded “on-chain”  from the moment a device is powered on until it is no longer needed. In the same way TNS is working to track, verify, and authenticate devices, digital assets and securities are verified and authenticated with Deal Box.


In line with his mission of unlocking the power of blockchain in user-friendly ways, Carter and his team are reintroducing the potential of NFTs with The curated marketplace is disrupting the NFT space with a total emphasis on projects with undeniable real-world value and services to help businesses and creators showcase their unique value. With the platform launching on Sept. 1, 2022, is explicitly in opposition to the unsustainable, speculative, and volatile projects that are currently oversaturating the NFT market and are excited to create a new reputation for the technology.


These practical applications are precisely what Thomas Carter is known for. Although many of his peers are focusing on “going to the moon,” Carter is very much grounded here on earth, providing creative and valuable solutions for entrepreneurs, investors and the average person.

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