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Thomas Carter and Jerome Conlon Speak at Virtual Blockchain Week

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Virtual Blockchain Week welcomes a multifaceted set of speakers who represent a dynamic mix of groundbreaking trailblazers, emerging technologists, futurists, thought leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs who will provide attendees with unique insight and detailed explanation during their presentations, all from the comfort and safety of your home.

Featured Speaker: Jerome Conlon | CMO on the founding team of TNS | DigitalNames

Jerome is former Director of Brand/Marketing Planning for Nike, Inc. Vice President Brand / New Products for Starbucks Coffee Company and Sr. VP Marketing & Program Development NBC Entertainment and he was a professor of Economics at Gonzaga University. He is author of Soulful Branding and The Brand Bridge, FutureLab Press April 2019. Jerome has over 30 years experience as a marketing leader.

Talk: How Digital Names Makes Crypto Easy
Time: Friday 5/01 @ 8.30 EST

Featured Speaker: Thomas Carter | CEO | DealBox

Thomas is a FinTech leader, digital securities pioneer, and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in venture capital advisory and funding. He is a founder and innovator in the action sports, marketing, financial services, multimedia/internet, and blockchain industries. Over 400 companies have benefited from Thomas’s keen understanding of capital markets and early-stage venture funding strategy.

Democratizing Venture Capital with Thomas Carter of DealBox-DLBX
Time: Wednesday, 4/29 @8.30pm EST


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