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Thomas Carter Prepares The General Public For The Future Of Financial Markets

By April 10, 2020February 20th, 2021No Comments

Fintech thought leader Thomas Carter is leading the wave on how the latest technology should be appropriated to streamline financial markets.

With his theories already embraced by international governing bodies and countries alike, Carter proposes that the imminent blockchain internet will create the need to centralize transactability for corporations and individuals alike.

Such centralization- which can be accomplished for instance with the turnkey plug and play solution offered by Digital Names– will improve efficiency, privacy, security, and convenience.

Digital Names offers to bridge the growing web of payment portals people and businesses possess (paypal, zelle, bank wires, checks, etc.) into a central digital key- that like a website domain- can handle all inbound and outgoing transaction traffic.

Up until now, this simple solution has struggled with widespread adoption due to the complex key names associated with digital wallet addresses. Digital Names will remove this obstacle and offer customizable wallet address in its place.

According to Carter: “In a few years from now, no one will know they are using hexadecimal wallet address for their digital assets. In the same way only the early internet pioneers remember using IP addresses to surf the web, only early blockchain adopters will remember public keys. As adoption broadens, the average consumer will use a naming solution like digital names to access digital wallets.”

With the barrier to entry removed and the value Digital Names offers being so stupendous, Carter believes that usage will soar exponentially to millions in a few years and 100’s of millions within the next 5 plus years.

Carter is not only certain the markets will evolve in this manner, but remains unflinching in his conviction that his group- Dealbox Advisory– will become the people’s trusted steward for the assimilation and adoption of the new market functions

Carter elaborates: “Since we have been exploring and testing this technology for just about as long as anyone in the space, we have a level of diligence and information that is on par with just about any other network. We may not be the smartest developers, we might not have the most sophisticated answers, but we convey what we see in easy to understand terms so that the average person can keep up with what is happening in the world and stay abreast with how these transformations present investment opportunity as well as how they will impact the global economy.”

To learn more and get your digital early (before value appreciation) check out Digital Names.