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Total Network Services Debuts Launch of Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Technology at the 2022 Mobile World Congress Conference in Las Vegas

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CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2022 / Total Network Services (TNS), an ecosystem of apps and technologies enabling the new blockchain economy, is showcasing the official launch of the Universal CommunicationIdentifier (UCID™) at the 2022 Mobile World Congress trade show in Las Vegas.

UCID™ is a global ledger of IoT identifiers that enable secure device interoperability across network operators. A proprietary, blockchain-enabled platform, UCID™ is used for supply chain security, device management, software licensing, and equipment tracking. Developed in partnership with Rypplzz, UCID™ provides leading cybersecurity teams with an immutable record of transactions performed by any registered mobile device on any network.

On a mission to make the Web3 economy simple, standardized, and secure, TNS developed the UCID™ solution to ensure the provenance and security of IoT devices.

Security has been a problem that has slowed the forward momentum of IoT, one of the most promising, large-scale technological advancements of the past decade.

Studies have found that an estimated $10 trillion will be lost annually by2025 due to cyber-attacks. A recent IoT cybersecurity audit conducted by Total Network Services found that at least 10 to 15% of those losses originate at the device level.

The Universal Communication Identifier helps key players in Financial Services, Government, and the broader Information Communications and Telecommunications industries unlock an unprecedented cybersecurity defense against these threats.

TNS partner, Forward Edge-AI, led by Federal 100 winner Eric Adolphe, immediately understood this technology’s impact on the U.S Federal Government. Through the Electronic Medical Mobile Application (EMMA), Forward Edge-AI is driving digital transformation for the U.S Census Bureau.

While on the road, census field enumerators face various risks of severe injury and property damage. Legacy systems add complexity to the claims process, lengthening resolution times for workers.

Forward Edge-AI integrates UCID™ into the EMMA solution to reduce the claims filing process by 95%, provide real-time updates, and deliver expeditious care to workers – making it the largest governmental use case of blockchain technology to date.

UCID™ is also quickly becoming a powerful force in addressing socio-economic issues, particularly for veterans. When supporting veterans with mass tort and personal injury claims, legal teams face data security and centralization challenges that, in many cases, leave millions without the care they desperately need.

NssX integrates UCID™ into its claims processing platform to secure veteran claimant information while maintaining data integrity and provenance of all associated devices to reduce resolution times by 90%.

“Our team at nssX is thrilled to work with TNS to integrate UCID™ and solve some of the biggest problems faced in the veteran community while filing claims for benefits or litigations,” said Jamieson Slough, Founder and CEO of nssX.

“We are confident that our law firm partners will reduce the attrition and dual representation issues typical in large civil litigations. This results in fewer veterans lost in the process and more families helped that are in critical need. With this technological breakthrough, we can reduce the risk at the onset of each relationship”.

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Total Network Services (TNS) was founded by entrepreneur and blockchain evangelist Thomas Carter. TNS is the developer of blockchain-focused products and services designed to empower its customers to transition to and integrate with the blockchain economy.

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