In the dynamic world of blockchain entrepreneurship, Thomas Carter emerges as a luminary, orchestrating a transformative narrative that transcends traditional finance. As the leader behind projects like Digital Names and the groundbreaking $125 million Deal Box Ventures Web 3 Fund, Carter stands at the forefront of the industry, navigating the waves of change with unparalleled foresight.


Cultivating Innovation in Web3

Carter’s journey into the blockchain realm unfolds against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving digital landscape. His ventures, notably Digital Names, redefine how we interact with cryptocurrencies. Digital Names Simplifies the intricate process of crypto transactions by replacing cumbersome blockchain addresses with human-readable names. This user-friendly approach not only streamlines transactions but also contributes to the broader adoption of blockchain technology.

Deal Box Ventures Web 3 Fund

At the helm of Deal Box, Carter steers the ship into uncharted territories with the launch of the Deal Box Ventures Web 3 Fund  of $125 million. This venture fund embodies Carter’s commitment to the transformative power of Web3 technology. It serves as a strategic vehicle for investing in startups and companies at the forefront of Web3 innovation. Carter’s foresight places him in a pivotal position, harnessing the potential of emerging technologies that challenge the status quo.

Private Equity Tokenization

Carter’s impact extends beyond conventional narratives, delving into the realm of private equity tokenization. Starting in 2016 through Deal Box, he led the way in the digitization of private equity investments, offering digital representations of ownership on the blockchain. These tokens not only promise heightened liquidity but also usher in an era of transparency and accessibility in an otherwise guarded sector. Carter’s expertise positions him as a trailblazer in reshaping how we perceive and engage with private equity in the digital age.

Global Collaborations

Carter’s influence reverberates on a global scale, with partnerships spanning prominent industry players like Tezos, Telecommunications Industry Association, Vertalo, tZERO, Texture Capital, and more. These collaborations underscore Carter’s commitment to a borderless approach in fostering innovation. His initiatives not only contribute to the global rise of blockchain but also exemplify the interconnected nature of the evolving digital landscape.

Embracing the Future

As the architect of transformative projects, an advocate for Web3 innovation, and a pioneer in private equity tokenization, Thomas Carter‘s journey epitomizes the essence of a blockchain entrepreneur. His endeavors reflect a deep understanding of the evolving digital terrain, where innovation is not just a choice but a necessity. In Carter’s narrative, the best time for a blockchain entrepreneur is now—an era where unlocking the future requires vision, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to change.




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