Thomas Carter is a 30-year veteran capital market entrepreneur who has been a main driver of shaping the financial technology and blockchain landscape. His career path began with founding and taking public Thruster, a high-performance wakeboard manufacturer, in the late 1980s.

This early venture was to instill not only a real entrepreneurial spirit within Carter but was going to give him valuable insight into how corporations operate and how public markets work.Transitioning from sports to technology and marketing in the mid-1990s, Carter founded Netrom, a multimedia and design firm, further enhancing his reputation by taking another company public. His expertise in managing high-growth technology firms and navigating complex public listings set the stage for his later ventures.

Carter’s significant contribution to the business world continued as he took on capital advisory roles, aiding over 400 companies in raising a collective $250 million, which facilitated their scaling and innovation. This period honed his skills and prepared him for his groundbreaking venture in 2016-
-founding Deal Box. This financial technology firm leverages cutting-edge technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to democratize venture capital, significantly influencing the blockchain sector and altering how startups and investors interact.

In 2017, Carter expanded his influence by acquiring Total Network Services, later rebranded as True I/O, where he integrated blockchain technology into telecommunications and digital asset management. As CEO, he drove the launch of new groundbreaking products such as the Universal Communication Identifier (UCID) and Digital Names, enhancing security and frictionless transactions on the blockchain.

Recently, Carter launched a $125 million investment fund focused on investing in promising blockchain startups and projects. This fund aims to capitalize on the potential within digital assets and distributed ledger technologies, reflecting Carter’s vision for a more interconnected and secure digital economy. Thomas Carter’s career is a testament to his visionary approach and his commitment to not only advancing technology but also providing strategic guidance to help entrepreneurs navigate the capital markets effectively. In the process, he has continued to drive innovation and set new bar, thus changing the way digital transactions would be carried
out and secured world over.

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